What We Do

Small Business Washington answers the two most important questions business owners have:

  1. “Where is this business taking me?”
  2. “Where do I want to end up?”

When you work with SBW, you learn how to run your business so your business doesn’t run you.

You build a strong foundation through targeted business strategic planning tailored to your company’s needs and your personal goals:

  • driving your performance to its highest level
  • building value in your company
  • creating the life you want to live

You benefit from our combined business best practices because we can engage all your business strategic planning needs
within this ONE organization.

By engaging Small Business Washington, you will be able to predict the “what ifs” with our proven strategies, giving you
a powerful business edge, …anytime and in any economy.

Small Business Washington Consulting Services:

  • Executive Skills Acceleration: Mentoring, Executive Coaching, Employee Coaching, Supply Chain Relationship Coaching, Team Building
  • Money Management: Commercial & Personal Banking, Accounting/ Bookkeeping, Cost Control, Expansion Strategies, Purchase/Sale of Business
  • Risk Management and Insurance: Property and Casualty, Liability, Life and Accident, Key Person, Disability, Medical Insurance
  • Sales & Marketing: Accelerating Sales, Offline Marketing, Online Marketing, Sales Training, Sales Mentoring, Contracts and Agreements, Negotiation Skills Training
  • Infrastructure Systems: Human Resources, Financial, Regulatory, Growth, Risk Strategies, Outsourcing, Seattle Consulting
  • Information Technology: Communication Systems, Data Systems, Privacy and Security Systems
  • Operations & Management: Vendor Relationships, Employee Relationships, Employee Benefits, Organization Behavior, Best Business Practices, Process Evolution, Environmental Management Systems
  • Exit Strategy Planning: Exit Strategies, Business Brokering, Business Valuation, Business Strategic Planning, Legacy Protection

Who We Are: Executive Advisors

As a business owner, you never have to work alone, and wonder if you’re on the correct path. We build long-lasting relationships with you, and help you build long-lasting relationships with your customers and vendors. We are executive advisors and mentors highly skilled in strategic business planning. Our experience with business owners and larger organizations is rich in its depth and content.

AJ Van Wallendael, WMS, LLC
The Connector: Strategist And Visionary
“We rescue businesses from their owners, and owners from their businesses.”

aj-van-wallendaelWealth Management Success, LLC is an Executive Business Advisory assisting clients with their strategic business planning. WMS, LLC evaluates clients’ needs and desires, and then coordinates the right team to assist clients to reach their dreams. A client’s most important investments are their business and their employees. Small Business Washington members collaboratively assist clients in protecting the accumulated assets generated from their businesses.

AJ Van Wallendael, CEO of WMS, LLC says, “Money is a tool. When clients learn to use it wisely, they become empowered. This enables them to be secure and adventurous in their investment decision-making, and they naturally start to ‘pay it forward’ by integrating best business practices into their day to day operations …”

Executive MBA; Leadership  & Changing Organizational Behavior
Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business
CCNH, PhD Candidate; Holistic Nutrition and Natural Health
ISO14000 Lead Environmental Auditor; RAB Certified
LEED Accredited Professional